Anthony, developer of Printoid

25-02-2017 à 00:52:27
Hi everybody!

I'm Anthony, the developer of Printoid for OctoPrint.

I've started this project in June, 2016. I though that no app were pretty good to control OctoPrint with a smartphone. And the OctoPrint web interface is nice on a laptop, but not so good as well on a small 5" phone screen.

That's why Printoid is borned. An all-in-one interface with all the most useful tools on the same screen.

Since the last months, the community has grown: we are more than 6000 users today, from all the world!

Printoid is not my full time job. It's more a passion for the 3D printing world, and my contribution to the RepRap Project. The rest of my time, I'm a Software Engineer at Xooloo, in Paris (France)

Developer of Printoid for OctoPrint, administrator of this forum
08-10-2018 à 23:13:15
Hi Anthony,

Congratulation great work! Superbe boulot!
In deed there was no much good interface for Octoprint and the one that you are proposing is really above the expectation.
I do not think that I have found yet all the features that you have developed in the application.

Never the less I got a question for you. I see that in the website you have taken some pictures of a Zmorph and I was wondering is it is working, because I am equipped with the one and with some other user in the community we were wondering if it can be set on Octoprint.
Do you own one Zmorph?

Otherwise I am making use of Printoid on a Flashforge Creator X and on a Kappa application is working very well with both of them.

Keep in touch,
09-10-2018 à 13:07:42
Hello Julien,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately most of the images of Printoid embedded in a printer configuration are from Printoid's users. That's not mine :)

I don't own a Zmorph printer, so unfortunately I can't help you about that.

Best regards,


Developer of Printoid for OctoPrint, administrator of this forum