Disable Motors button

20-03-2017 à 15:29:26
Octoprint has a button to disable the motors (Motors Off) on the Control tab. It would be nice to have this in Printoid since the motors may stay engaged after printing or in the event of a print failure. This can certainly be done in gcode, but it would be a nice feature that would leverage capabilities already in Octoprint.
20-03-2017 à 16:14:09
Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your message.

Printoid has a customizable interface. Indeed, I purely can't integrate all the feature requests I receive! So I've let you the possibility to integrate up to 4 custom commands in the main screen or the app.

Please read these two tutorials:


The first tutorial is useful to learn how to use the custom commands panel and how to display a selection of commands in the main screen.

The second one is just here to indicates that you can also send GCODE commands with this feature ;)


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