Video not working

03-04-2017 à 19:39:19
Running the pro paid for version. If I click on the video link it states that streaming not available but if I click on the octoprint web app and control the video plays that way.
23-04-2017 à 01:24:02
Still not working..
23-04-2017 à 01:32:33
but if I set the raspberry pi address as the dmz and change the streaming url to ip.adress:8080/?action=stream I can get it to work. But I dont want to leave the pi open like that. Any suggestions?
09-05-2017 à 17:15:27
Hello Daoberheim,

Sorry for my late answer.

I need more informations. I can't help you if you just say that "that does not work".

Can you please tell me if:
- you are trying to access to your streaming inside of your local network?
- outside of your local network (over the Internet)
- you have checked in the Printoid's settings if your streaming URL suffixes are correct


Developer of Printoid for OctoPrint, administrator of this forum
27-06-2017 à 15:15:19
Hi Anthony!
First of all fantastic app! Just bought the Pro version and I really love it. Unfortunately I also have an issue with video. It doesn't work at all (none of the 3 modes :( ). The difference for me is that I don't run it on a Pi, I have a Debian Jessie server running 24/7. I installed everything and streaming is working fine to my desktop and also to my Android phone if I use the web browser and point it to

On printoid it doesn't work at all, I can't download the snapshots and I get an 404 error when using the webview mode.

Is there a way to find out why? I have a feeling that the issue is because of the port in the URL (e.g. the string ":8083"). Can you test that?
Because octoprint and mjpg streamer is running on my server I can't run those proxied to port 80.

Anyways, thanks for your help and your awesome app!

Cheers, Tom