Nexus 7 (2012) device not compatible, how come?


02-11-2017 à 18:47:43

I am running printoid pro on various devices, love this application, so much better than the default web client from octoprint.

I recently bought a second hand nexus 7 (2012) because I wanted a bigger screen next to my printer. But to my surprise, google play store says my device isn't compatible... I don't understand. I have an even older tablet (galaxy tab 1 7") where its working without issues, but slow though. Also the reason why I bought a nexus 7.

I did flash a custom rom (Android 7.1) on the nexus, don't know if that matters. And I installed the APK by sideloading it, runs without any problems. Anyway, how can I install the application from the play store without spoofing my device?

ps. I also send this to the contact form, but thought I would also share it here, perhaps it can help others.

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02-11-2017 à 20:51:52
Got the following reply from Anthony STEPHAN

Printoid is compatible with the Nexus 7 (2012). I have one of it and I can find Printoid on Google Play. Mine has a stock ROM ; so your custom ROM seems not compatible with the app (probably because the app needs the Google Play Services : may you've missed to flash them ?)

Dont know, other apps I can install using the Play store... I am trying the stock 5.1.1 rom and see if that works


02-11-2017 à 21:07:19
Installed the stock 5.1.1. rom, but stil isnt compatible :( No clue what I am doing wrong

I do have an asus nexus 7 Wi-fi only model, could that be the reason
android.permission.CALL_PHONE ?
03-11-2017 à 10:26:37
Hi Ido,

As you can see, both Nexus 7 2012 (3G and Wifi-only) are marked as compatible in the parameters of Printoid PREMIUM in the Google Play Console.

As I've said by email, I have no problem to download Printoid from Google Play using my own Nexus 7 2012 Wifi-Only.

Can you please tell me what is your Google Play Services version ? May they need to be updated

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03-11-2017 à 10:53:44
Thank you for your reply, strange it is

Google Play services = version 11.7.44
Google Play store = version 8.4.18.V-all

Running Android 5.1.1 (XenonHD ROM) and my device is rooted
03-11-2017 à 11:18:22
That's strange. Your GPlay Services & GPlay Store seem up-to-date.

Also Printoid does not restrict downloads on rooted devices.

Probably that Printoid does not support your custom ROM.

May you can try to flash LineageOS 15 for the Nexus 7 (flo) :

I've just flashed this ROM (based on Android 8) and works perfectly on the Nexus 7 2012. Printoid can be downloaded from Google Play without any problem

I will try to contact Google about that



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03-11-2017 à 11:20:55
About android.permission.CALL_PHONE :

This permission is not requested by Printoid (because the app does not need to perform calls)

Also, the hardware feature "telephony" is marked as "not required" :

<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.telephony" android:required="false" />

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03-11-2017 à 12:54:01
Thanks for the link, but I dont have the nexus flo (2013), but the grouper (2012).

Are you sure you could flash this rom? I am getting an error (signal: 4) when I want to start flashing this rom

I do have the latest TWRP
03-11-2017 à 13:14:52
Try another LineageOS, 14 for example. 15 is prerelease only

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03-11-2017 à 14:02:55
Now running android version 7.1.2
LineageOS 14.1-20170717

Still the same message. I am really confused

Must be some features that is incorrect on my device... but which one...


04-11-2017 à 11:37:04

I also asked this question on XDA, got a reaction
>>The app is not available for me too. So the problem is exactly on the developer's side. Let it go to the device list and manually recheck device.

Also see here