Problem with video streaming

25-12-2017 à 20:44:20
I'm not sure if this should be here or in the UI area. So I'll put it here.

I am having problems displaying the streaming video when I start Printoid if the last time I ran it, the video was the active screen,.

I made a screen recording video of the problem which can explain it better than I can here:

Let me know if I can provide more information.

-- Steven
26-12-2017 à 09:46:05
Hello Steven,

Thank you for your message.

That's the expected behavior. In fact, I purely kill the video stream when you leave the streaming panel, even if you simply quit the app without expressly leaving this panel first.

Why? Because some users had some data leaks due to the streaming feature, which were killing their data fair-use (more than 4GB of data consumed by Printoid in background, for example).

That way, the streaming should be releaded manually (exit/go back to the streaming panel) when you reopen Printoid.

If you need to keep the streaming ON without having to reload it, you can use:
-> the floating button :
-> the Android system tiles :

Kind regards,


Developer of Printoid for OctoPrint, administrator of this forum
26-12-2017 à 15:15:21
Hi Anthony,

Thank you for the response. It makes sense, and I agree about the need to kill the data stream.

The only thing that is a little confusing is that the user is presented with the video panel, with no video,

Might I suggest a future change in either 1) In my scenario, return the user to the main screen instead of the video screen when the app is restarted, or 2) put a message saying "video stream not enabled" (or provide a "refresh" button), or 3) restart the video stream when the app is restarted.

Looking at the non-functional video screen with no indication that this is "normal" can be confusing.


29-12-2017 à 10:07:14
Hi Steven,

I totally agree with you ;)

Don't worry, I will work soon on that. I dislike the current way to kill the streaming, and I indeed do not want to let the user in front of an empty screen.

I will try to find an elegant way to restart the streaming, avoiding the data leaks (in fact for the moment I'm a bit afraid by that kind of leaks because it's an app-killer issue - once I've a correct way to do that, be sure I'll fix it in the app!)

Kind regards,


Developer of Printoid for OctoPrint, administrator of this forum