OctoEverywhere trial ended, but Printoid won't stop using it.

01-12-2022 à 06:38:40
So, I tried the OctoEverywhere plugin, and it worked pretty well in the free trial. However, once the trial ended, it switches to a mag screen every time I connected.
So, logically, I went into settings and disconnected the OctoEverywhere link. Saved settings, went back out, and it still shows the 'Your Perks Have Ended!' screen.
I even wiped the data and cache from the app, but as soon as I log in with my account it comes back up again.
When I quit the nag screen it stays disconnected, and comes back when I connect again. I even linked Obico to see if that did anything, nope! It's still there and preventing me from cinnecting.

This happens even if I'm on my own local network, so I can't use Printoid with my account. I ended up creating a local profile from scratch to avoid OctoEverywhere.

Any help would be great! I would. Love to not have my saved settings break the app.