Syncing with dropbox


02-11-2017 à 22:05:24
Currently my workflow is as follows:

I download my model from thingiverse from my laptop, slice it with my slicer and save the result in my "gcodes" dropbox folder. I than go to my printer and use my phone, start printoid and upload the gcode file using dropbox to my octoprint server.

Now I was thinking, wouldn't it be possible to automatically sync a dropbox folder with my octoprint server using printoid?
So when I slice it and save it in my dropbox folder, it will automatically be uploaded to my octoprint server.

kind regards

03-11-2017 à 10:27:49
Hi Ido,

Sync with DropBox and Google Drive is not supported by Printoid yet.

Integration will come in a next release ;)


Developer of Printoid for OctoPrint, administrator of this forum


03-11-2017 à 10:54:17
wow, thats very good news! looking forward to it